Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Grovy, baby!

The MLC posted this gem recently. 

Then she was went on the Hobbit's and reposted it, caption too. She's proud of her ignorance. So we decided to have some fun with it. 

Everyone was saying "groovy" in their comments but the MLC must be too dense to see it. Just in case you don't know what that means, MLC, dense is another word for stupid. Glad you got your "grove" back, Hobbit. Be grovy or leave, man. 🤣🤣

Have a great night people!
Muah! 😘

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Back in Black

Well guys, I know it's been awhile but we are back in action. We have had several issues going on that have been driving us nuts. We have had several trolls, internet signal issues and even a hacking. It all appears to be over with now but there is a lot that I need to make you guys aware of so you know.

Th biggest troll on the internet is the MLC herself. I was trying to stay somewhat quiet because Duck and I have been busy. I (LB) run the Instagram page exclusively. I didn't post anything really on it until Beth's death. I used it as an easy way to talk to people. Well, as you can see from a previous blog I publicly let out our Instagram ID, and we got numerous requests to the page. At first within reason, I let anyone on. I, first got a message from someone who even told me Jamie sent her in and I had a terrible site blah blah blah. My answer to that is what the fuck ever!! If you are that much of a fucking troll that you have to send someone in to check on what we are doing, you are truly pathetic. It shows how insecure you really are about just about everything imaginable. Her constant need for attention shows it too, but this takes the cake.  MLC, the idea of a troll is for them to stay quiet so they can see what's going on, not spill it. You need to find a better class of idiot. Then, it came pretty clear MLC herself climbed on the page herself after 2 things happened. One thing was that everyone on my page magically showed up as blocked on her and her Hobbit's page, (FYI GUYS SHE RUNS BOTH PAGES). Then, the kicker of them all was a post being removed saying it was harassment. Crybaby MLC couldn't stay quiet if she tried. Little girl, Duck and I were very happy being quiet. We were, but literally every time we are quiet MLC starts messing with us just so she can get an attention fix that she so craves. After all, you can't have people finding out the truth about you right? HMMM that's why that post was removed from Instagram right? Thanks bunches for verifying that you know the truth on what Beth EXACTLY thought of you MLC...

Well, not that long ago we got a comment on the blog that I have to admit bugged me. I will not post the comment because it is such garbage that it showed how deluded some people are. Per the comment, I'm still in love with the Hobbit and want to be in the place of the MLC. Let's make something CRYSTAL CLEAR so that the idiots in the back can hear it. The answer to that question is FUCK NO. I don't want a man with no spine. I don't want a man that cannot do anything on his own. I don't want a man who is a huge PUSSY that has done what we know he's done. I want a man that can think for himself, in which we all know the Hobbit does not do. In another words, I actually want a man, not a child, not a crybaby bitch who can't grow up. Oh we are old out of date and have nothing too? Well, if we were all that, why are you looking and commenting on anything Chapman related for that matter. Let's be realistic, how many times have they hit pause on their 15 minutes of fame??

I want to make clear why we actually have this blog. Words and ideas can change the world and we are all filled with passion. The truth is something that needs to be told and everyone reading it can make their own informed decisions on who they blindly choose to follow and fall on every word. We time and time again put out the truth with proof of it and we will again. Dealing with idiots who are scared of the truth should make all of you ask, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING!! If they have to do cartwheels and sneak on people's pages to try to censor the truth, they clearly have skeletons in the closet. I'll be honest here, I don't care if you sit there and tell me thank you for the truth. I don't care if you attack MLC and anyone else on their page. I care that you see what they are really about, and you can decide whether you want to deal with the lies anymore. If you unfollow their pages and walk away, I will be the first one to say congratulations to you because you made an informed decision and said fuck it! You made a decision and walked away maybe disgusted but maybe not that way. It is your decision. Everyone needs that option and that's what this blog does. it gives you information to make a choice.

Well guys, Im going to take off for right now. I need to go out and do a few things. I hope to see you guys soon and please make decisions for yourself. It is the one thing we all can do

One more thing! MLC on your Hobbit being the sexiest man alive. People called laughing so hard at your thought of it, they were crying when they saw you said that LMAO. Please hold his name out of any and all thought of that!!!

Bye guys! See you soon!