Sunday, November 3, 2019

Custom brat

Hi guys! I wanted to give you all the biggest fashion tip of the century! Who didn't see the MLC and her frames that were custom made for her!!! I have to admit they were unusual and as an eyeglass wearer myself I was intrigued as to where she got them because they were unusual. It had slipped my mind till tonight when I got a lovely message on Instagram. Thank you wonderful tipster for the source of her glasses! I know I now have to rush out and get a pair "custom made" just for me..... or maybe not...

Clearly, the MLC is blind as a bat and lying her ass off because her fashion sunglasses that are not prescription are 12.99. They aren't prescription either unless she paid several hundred dollars to have the lenses changed out at her local optician. I doubt that happened too, because it does cost a ton of money to look that cheap. Hey MLC, why don't you spend some money and actually buy you a wardrobe since you seem to think you are someone now. Too bad you aren't! Maybe you can get back in the grove and realize you aren't a celebrity....LOL

HAHAHAHA!! Cheap as hell and can't lie to save her damned life. Instead of trying to lie to people so you can look like you are something you aren't, try being an adult. I know you find that sooo hard.

Bye guys! Please have a laugh on the MLC and go buy a pair of 12.99 sunglasses that were custom made for you and the rest of the planet!


                      With Love


  1. Busted yo lying ass Fake Tits McGee!

  2. custom my ass only thing custom is her attempt and pathetic way of lyin which she cant clearly do .The “custom” glasses are also on amazon for 25.00 And you can pick your color lenses they have blue ones you can get to A two-year-old can lie better than her and that sad because she’s the one that supposed to have a full developed brain oh wait a minute

    1. What’s going on with those eyebrows of hers ????

    2. the same thing thats going with her whole damn face a total shit show lol

    3. JFC in that latest post her lips look ready to explode. You know when they deflate she’ll have herself a pair of roast beef lips.