Saturday, December 14, 2019

What Beth really thought

We all make our choices to believe the rhetoric and bullshit spewed out on social media by people like the MLC and her hobbit as well as the rest of them. No one honestly should and the screenshot above proves that.

You can quit wiping your eyes. Yes, this is a piece of a conversation from Beth herself. I was sent this in the beginning of July, just before she passed. We made the decision to wait an appropriate amount of time to use it since Beth's passing combined with the right person opening his or her trap. For anyone wondering, I have the entire conversation in my possession. 


  1. Well there you go, there’s no arguing with that screen shot! Can see why the MLC wanted that little nugget of info gone. LMAO

    Welcome back LB and Duck, you’ve been missed!

  2. It was always clear. Beth hated not being invited to their wedding, Beth and lyssa went hard on her for breaking the family. Beth commented hard on one of mlc live videos where she even got a fight with the mlc dad. Beth obviously hated mlc but was still friends with Myk. Which says a lot!

    1. beth didn’t like her in general it wasn’t even about not being invited to the wedding but it was how this freaking nut job that Lelands married to carried herself as a person and Her character and how she was literally going after fans and even just going after minors which you really gonna have no time on your hands to entertain that but she also didn’t like her because of the fact she was making them lose fans which goes to show where she got it from because that video where beth went after her dad is because her dad went after beth daughter cecily who does that

  3. And its funny this blog
    comes out she starts posting dumb pictures of course being nude at least your keeping it original and sticking to the same thing nutcracker of her leland and how theyre so in love in when it so flippin fake she know wheres stand in the family which is no where and will never be famous even with that little meet and greet in nashville with dog and of course her “husband” cause he cant go anywhere by himself cause she knows a side chick or some other girl will be there just because u said two sentences and had a cameo cause let be real a two second screenshot on the show does not count as a appearance.

  4. Can I see the whole conversation?

  5. Have you heard anything about Moon and Dog? I follow Lyssa and Bonnie and they have been placing snake emojis around her.

  6. Can we please have new content!
    Who did moon date? Is dog the love rat engaged already!?