Thursday, April 30, 2020

The stench of desperation

The MLC tried and failed again to be the winner of the Inked cover girl contest. We stayed silent this time. She lost completely on her own like the washed up wannabe she is. What we find the most hilarious is that she competed in 2018 as well and lost that time too. She talked and talked saying that was it, she wasn't going to compete again and I quote "they know where to find me if they want me". Her desperation for attention drove her to try again and just like last time-

We call it like we see it here at UDN and mark our words....she will do it again. She might try not to but in the end her core values of "look at me, look at me!" will end with her once again posting and begging for votes next time. As soon as she proves us right you can bet your asses we'll be linking this blog into a new one so we can all point and laugh at her together.  Maybe she'll surprise us all by pulling some dignity out of her flapjack ass and stand by her words this time. Doubtful but maybe! 🤣

We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane during this pandemic. Quarantine equals stir crazy! We took a hiatus but ]are hoping to get back to a minimum of 3-4 blogs per week. We know how much you all missed us and everytime you inquired about when we would be back did not go unnoticed. 

Muah! 😘


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  2. How DUMB are these bitches?? Every year, it’s the same pissing and moaning about the contest. If these nothing ass bitches actually read the rules, they’d see that Musicares only received 25% of the money raised from paid votes, with Inked Mag keeping the remaining 75% from y’all’s failed bids. LMAO.

    Even with all the exposure the MLC had courtesy of the Chapman family she still LOST! HAHAHA

    How many votes did she miss out on due to her past crazy blocking sprees from her and his pages? Check out one of Cecilys posts for the answer LOL! It’s been blogged about enough - she blocks, she loses! RESULT.

    Good luck to the MLC paying off their credit card bill, Inked Mag appreciates the extra money you helped raise for them.

    See you next time, you SUCKER!