Thursday, May 14, 2020

About those fucks

The MLC posted a rant about haters claiming she "had no fucks to give". That's literally all she kept saying over and over and over. There's a saying about power that hits home.

"True power is never lost"

It means if you truly have power nobody can take it. You don't need to tell everyone you have power, you just live your life. Everyone around you knows you have the power but nobody needs to say it. So the fact that MLC feels the need to repeatedly proclaim she "has no fucks to give", everyone knows she gives a fuck. If there was an Olympic medal for giving a fuck she'd take home the gold, silver and bronze. 

If she didn't give a fuck she'd just be living her life. She wouldn't be on the blog giving a fuck about what we say. If a hateful comment was posted on her profile she'd just let it roll off her shoulders. The bottom line is that if someone feels the need to repeatedly say they don't give a fuck, they give a fuck. They give all of the fucks. 

Thank you for all of your fucks, MLC. 

Until next time everyone!
Muah! 😘


  1. LMAO. What’s the obsession with tiktok?? She gave me jaw ache just watching her trying to move those lips of hers. LOL

  2. lol for real and her face when she tries to do facial expression with her lookin like a drunk double chinned trailer park trash hillbilly. You know she obviously gives a fuck because if you didnt then why make a long ass tiktok video do you know how many actual and real celebrities respond to haters none because they know their creditbility and who they are as a person .The “haters” are people who are speaking the truth and knocking her off her pedestal she tries to put herself on. and the fact she uses the pandemic sayin “they restock” shows her character right there for someone using the “bonus mom” to try AGAIN to be on the cover of ink magazine which you failed again what a good example she showing way to be a role model mlc