Monday, May 11, 2020

Is Dog right or wrong?

Dog just recently made an announcement:

The issues a lot of people, including family, have are the fact that it's been less than a year since he lost his wife and the fact that Beth asked him not to remarry and Dog vowed on camera there would not be another Mrs. Dog. 

The commentary about remarriage begins around the 11:10 mark.

It was something they promised to each's okay to move on and date but don't marry again. I (Duck) personally don't agree with his decision to break that promise and wed. Beth had to wait many, many years to marry Dog and he announces his engagement with Francie less than a year after Beth's death? It's wrong on so many levels.

What do you think? 

Until next time everyone....

Muah! 😘


  1. JFC I’d take it more seriously had he not had that public debacle with Moon not long ago.

    How is anyone supposed to take anything he says or does seriously anymore.

    I know he’s got bills and debts to pay but ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

    It’s all WRONG!!

  2. I don't agree either! He PROMISED her and here he is not even a year later proposing. Learn how to be alone dude!! I'm not a fan anymore